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Comparative Review Of Uruk The First City - 1318 Words

Revital Ben-Haim Social Foundations I Prof. Noel Due Oct. 1st, 2014 Comparative book review Mesopotamia is without doubt one of the world’s greatest ancient civilizations. It has been studied for centuries and provides us with critical knowledge on the origins of writing, architecture and mostly, the city and the state. Uruk, in southern Mesopotamia, dates back to the end of the fourth Millennium BCE and is considered to be the first city. The first book, â€Å"Uruk: the First City† by Mario Liverani, provides a comprehensive study of the development of Uruk from a chiefdom to a state and its role in the ‘urban revolution’ as referred to by prehistoric archeologist V. Gordon Childe. â€Å"The creation of an urban society was a fundamental innovation that has affected the entirety of world history† (Liverani, Translator’s Prefix, x) Liverani recognizes revolutionary changes in various fields, from writing to architecture to agriculture, and combines them to expand on the widely recognized Uruk phenomemon. Throughout the book, Liverani brings in a variety of evidence including textual, archeological and zoo-archeological, to support his arguments. By introducing more contemporary theories, including the Marxist theory, the reader is prompted to consider the very concept of the urban revolution and not merely the history of southern Mesopotamia. Mario Liverani is a lecturer of Ancient Near East History in the University of Rome and has authored a number of books on Near East

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Vanessa Miller. Ms. Milliner. Ees21Qh-05. January, 2017.

Vanessa Miller Ms. Milliner EES21QH-05 January, 2017 Mindset and Grit in Othello Mindset is the ability to either motivate yourself,or hold yourself back. Mindset can be broken down into two categories: fixed and growth. People with a fixed mindset believe the only intelligence they have is what they are born with. They don’t believe that you can keep learning more and more to become more intelligent. People with fixed mindsets are constantly trying to prove their worth, which is why they tend to take it hard if they fail. They put themselves down because they feel that they aren’t good enough. People with growth mindsets, however, are the complete opposite. They don’t get discouraged when they fail, they simply see it as a way of†¦show more content†¦Iago also has a fixed mindset. His whole plan to destroy Othello started because Othello appointed Cassio lieutenant instead of him. He believes he is too good and too experienced to simply be Othello’s ensign, he believes he deserves to be lieutenant. In Mindset: The New Psych ology of Success, author Carol Dweck says, â€Å"If you only have a certain amount of intelligence, a certain personality, and a certain moral character - well, then you’d better prove that you have a healthy dose of them.† Iago is basically trying to â€Å"prove† himself throughout the whole play. People with a fixed mindset feel that they’re stuck on whatever level of intelligence they’re born on. In Iago’s mind, he’s stuck on the level of being a lieutenant, and spends the entire play trying to prove that he deserves to be lieutenant over Cassio. He doesn’t accept the fact that he didn’t get the position and instead of trying harder to get a better position, he tries to destroy his competition. The way Othello is spoken highly of in regards to his achievements on the battlefield, his ableness to lead men and stay calm even in the middle of bombs being blown up, it would appear that he has grit. But throughout the play itself, he hasn’t shown much grit. He married Brabantio’s daughter, Desdemona, behind Brabantio’s back, and showed some grit when Brabantio accused him of using witchcraft to steal his daughter away. But despite that, he

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Kudler Fine Foods’ Values and the Management Free Essays

Kudler Fine Foods’ Values and the Management Kudler Fine Foods’ Values and the Management â€Å"Every organization must assume responsibility for its impact on employees, the environment, customers, and whomever and whatever it touches† (Maciariello, Pearce, Yamawaki, 2010, p. 53). To understand such impacts, a company needs to define its purpose, mission, and vision supported by strong ethical and moral values. We will write a custom essay sample on Kudler Fine Foods’ Values and the Management or any similar topic only for you Order Now The circle could not be completed without a consistent management team that will attract and train a staff that is driven, motivated, and committed to the organizational purpose and to providing the best customer service possible, all to sustain the most important existence of a business – revenues. Kudler Fine Foods’ commitment is toward offering the highest quality, least-processed, and organic food while promoting well-being and fulfilling even the unexpressed wishes and needs of the customers.To execute their mission, Kudler Fine Foods needs to understand that their purpose cannot just reside in few places, such as marketing department; it has to pervade every part of the company (Spence, 2009, p. 89). If the purpose was to influence operations, innovations, and growth of the business, there is a need for an ethical and moral management to help make a difference. Only a person with an exemplary character can make solid ethical choices.Personally and professionally, my approach to ethics calls for developing practical wisdom and sound judgment within individuals to guide them in their ethical decision-making (University of Phoenix, 2010, Awareness Inventory Assessment). Kudler Fine Foods needs a manager who would be focused both on profits and installing moral standards within the organization. Integrity, honor, justice, benevolence, and virtue should not be just abstract principles. A manager who is committed to ethics and leading by example should be able to form partnership with employees, develop respect for diversity, and find competitive advantages.Ultimately, such manager will be able to motivate the staff to stay committed to the organization. As a leader, my driving force would be to stay credible and consistent every day. As Maxwell (2007) pointed out the secret to a success should be found in the daily agenda (p. 1). Consistency makes employees able to depend on, trust, listen, and follow their managers. â€Å"Our daily challenge is to live our character, action, and investment choices so naturally that we begin making the best choices almost subconsciously. This requires patience, honest reflection, adaptation, and commitment† (Cottrell, 2007, p. ). Employees would follow a leader who represent a strong moral character and in return, they should strive to provide the best service. Company’s customers would develop a greater appreciation for such practices, and the store would see an increase in their revenues. Ethical management is crucial for financial outcomes, too. â€Å"Managers, who always promise to make numbers, will at some point be tempted to make up the numbers† (Buffet Clark, 2009, p. 44). A Southwest Airline, for example, has a strong belief in their mission, purpose, employees, and customers.They have turned their employees into evangelist and their customers into fans by employing ethical and devoted managers (Spence, 2009, p. 88). Therefore, a company has posted profit every quarter for the past six years, an unmatched goal by any other airline in the history of aviation. To establish a strong corporate culture, attract customers, retain profits, and appreciate the employees, leaders need to observe, sit back, and listen. Additionally, if you want to develop trust as Maxwell (2005) emphasized, managers need to stand up for what’s right, even when such a stand is unpopular (p. 117).It takes a person with strong values and character to make any significant changes toward company’s success. â€Å"In order to maximize value, corporate managers must not only satisfy, but enlist the support of all corporate stakeholders – customers, employees, managers, suppliers, local communities† (Maciariello, Pearce, Yamawaki, 2010, p. 55). Kudler Fine Foods needs to have a person of true influence to accomplish their wish to grow and prosper. Development of character seems to be a long-lasting process which has been neglected for the past years, and my desire would be to sincerely bring it back. References Buffet, M. Clark, D. (2009). Warren Buffet’s Management Secrets: Proven tools for personal and business success (1st ed. ). New York: First Scribner. Cottrell, D. (2007). Monday Morning Choices: 12 Powerful Ways to go from Everyday to Extraordinary (1st ed. ). New York: HarperCollins Publishers. Maciariello, J. A. , Pearce, C. L. , Yamawaki, H. (2010). The Drucker Difference. New York: McGraw-Hill. Maxwell, J. C. (2005). The 360 ° Leader: Developing your influence from anywhere in the organization. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. Maxwell, J. C. (2007). The Maxwell Daily Reader: 365 days of insight to develop the leader within you and influence those around you. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. Michelli, J. A. (2008). The New Gold Standard. New York: McGraw-Hill. Spence, R. M. (2009). It’s Not What You Sell; It’s What You Stand For (1st ed. ). New York: Penguin Group. University of Phoenix. (2010). Williams Institute of Ethics and Management: Awareness Inventory self-assessment test. Retrieved January 15, 2010, from University of Phoenix, Week 6, MGT/521-Management Course Web site. How to cite Kudler Fine Foods’ Values and the Management, Papers

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Tok Work Essay Example

Tok Work Paper The philosopher John Locke did not believe in intuition or innate knowledge, while the early twentieth century Italian philosopher and statesman, Benedetto Croce, emphasized the importance of intuition in art and freedom of expression in the development of civilization. The often heard of phrase all of a sudden, it hit me! points to the experience of many artists and scientists when, after years of struggle with a problem or riddle, the answer erupted from their sub-conscious mind in a flash of recognition, in their finer moments of quietude following the futile and frustrating moments of their struggle to solve the problem. We will write a custom essay sample on Tok Work specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Tok Work specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Tok Work specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer This experience is described as a stroke of lightning when reason and logic reached its limits and intuition took the person a step further. It is perhaps the creative part of the mind originating in the recesses of the sub-conscious revealing itself under the right circumstances. In 1999, the world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, had challenged chess enthusiasts everywhere through an internet project named Kasparov versus the World. He had competed two highly publicized chess matches against Deep Blue, which was a super computer designed to play chess. In his September 1999 Encarta Yearbook interview, Kasparov said, Chess is probably the ideal for comparing human intuition vis-i -vis the brute force of calculation, because you can clearly see at what point the simple calculative process matches the results based on human intuition. In the field of scientific theory, although Einstein is reported to have mentioned that the only source of knowledge is experience, he also believed that scientific theories are the free creations of a finely tuned physical intuition and that the premises on which theories are based cannot be connected logically to experiment. Like his scientific theories, Einsteins experiments were motivated by sound intuition based on a careful assessment of evidence and observation2. My father always tells me, Sure, intuition can develop with experience. But trusting your hunches has perils, too. Intuition is essential, but it can even mislead one to dangerous extents. If I say my geological intuition tell me that, Mumbai is north of Delhi and that Kolkata is south of Chennai, for which I must surely be held wrong. This reminds of what Noble Prize winning physicist once said, The first principle is that you must not fool yourself-and you are the easiest person to fool. It is very meek for people to understand that, as often as we misjudge and wrongly predict reality and then display conviction perseverance whilst in front of disconfirming facts. To a mind used to furious thinking and conscious planning of every aspect of life, intuition is a far away thing. Only in the quietude of the tumultuous mind can intuition get a chance to operate. A scientist reasons furiously if the earth is round or flat. But when he goes to sleep, all his organs of perception are abated, and what does it matter to a sleeping person if the earth is round or flat? The utilitarian mind always obsessed with profit and loss can never realize the value of intuition, for it is not a process of conscious volition. When all is set aside as just a process of thought, without which cognizance of anything so called external is impossible, will the mind cease to create worlds upon worlds and impart reality to its imaginations. All experiences must pass as thought processes of an individual. Until this process of becoming ceases, the pure being in itself can not reveal itself. Bereft of this constant shuttling between the past and the future, in the living reality of the present moment, which is the real unimagined experience of every person, where no thought prevails, the light of intuition may get an opportunity to shine by itself without the aberrance of the subject-object duality. Intuition is an extremely subjective experience, if it may be called an experience at all. It would be extremely difficult or almost impossible to understand or judge the intuition of another person. This poses a great difficult in verifying someones claim to intuitive knowledge. Therefore, there is always a danger of false claims to intuitive knowledge. One comes to realize from the afore-mentioned discussion that even though intuition appears to pervade virtually all the areas of knowledge, its deeply interwoven connection with the emotional and spiritual dimension of knowledge renders an evaluation of its role in the areas of knowledge an exceedingly complex and daunting task. It is as subtle, profound and difficult to comprehend as the insight of the Sufi mystics and the oriental seers of yore like Lao Tzu and the rishis of the Upanishads. An attempt is made here to encapsulate freely the ideology of the Oriental philosophers of the Upanishads on the nexus between reason and intuition. Words: 1468 Foot notes 1. 1 Lawrence Badash, Professor, History of Science, The Age of the Earth Debate, Scientific American, Inc. (August 1989) 2.2 Early Reactions to Einstein, Samuel Glasstone, Encarta Reference Library 2005. Bibliography Encarta reference Library 2005.   Candidate Name: Garimella, Vedavyasu Candidate Session Number: 1070-004 Page 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge section.

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The Legend of Howard Hughes essays

The Legend of Howard Hughes essays The Life and Legend of Howard Hughes Throughout the 20th century, it has been the medias job to pinpoint what events and people would prove to be an effective story. This was certainly the case for Howard R. Hughes. Son to the wealthy Howard Hughes Sr., Howard became the interest of the American people and newspapers for most of his life. Being deemed one of the most famous men of the mid-20th century was greatly attributed to Hughess skills as an industrialist, aviator, and motion-picture producer combined with his enormous wealth, intellect, and achievement. The media thrived on Howards unusual and sometimes scandalous life, especially in his later years when newspapers would frequently front large amounts of money to get stories on Hughes. Howard was also associated with what has been called one of the greatest publishing hoaxes in history. Howard Hughes Sr., commonly known as Big Howard, was a graduate of the Harvard School of Law, yet never once appeared before a court of law. Big Howard spent the first 36 years of his life chasing money across the Texas plains, as a wildcatter and a speculator in oil leases, working hard enough and earning just enough to move on to another, hopefully more fortunate gamble. In the year of his marriage, Big Howard sold leases on land that proved to have $50,000 in oil beneath it. He promptly took his new wife to Europe for a honeymoon, and returned exactly $50,000 poorer. In 1908, Big Howard turned his ingenuity and his hobby to tinker into good fortune. Current drilling technology was unable to penetrate the thick rock of southwest Texas and oilmen could only extract the surface layers of oil, unable to tap the vast resources that lay far below. Big Howard came up with the idea for a rolling bit, with 166 cutting edges and invented a method to keep the bit lubricated as it to re away at the rock. Later that year, Big Howard produced a model and went into busi...

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What to Do When Youre Bored at Work

What to Do When Youre Bored at Work There can be any number of reasons you’re feeling bored  at work. If it’s just a lull in your to-do list, maybe it’s temporary. If it’s more of a chronic case of â€Å"I-hate-this-job-itis,† well, you should certainly start thinking about looking for a new job. But in either case, it can be a dangerous habit to fall into. Here are some tips to save yourself before you fall into a full-on goof-off cycle. 1. Find something new to do.This doesn’t mean you should take online Spanish lessons while your company expects you to be working diligently at your desk. Rather, find something of value that you can learn from your workplace. Whether that’s picking up a new skill from another department or talking with colleagues to pick their brains on their own expertises, take this as an opportunity to boost your professional development. Just make sure that your off-the-record professional development doesn’t start displacing your regular work duties (you know, the ones you’re being paid to do).2. Reward yourself.Completing that report on time may not earn you the applause of your manager, but you can come up with your own reward system. Say, â€Å"when I complete this task, then I can get coffee,† or allow yourself 10  minutes of down time for checking something major off your to-do list. It’s a way of staying in the game enough to get things done, even when your head or heart might not be. If things get really desperate, there’s always the good, old-fashioned candy reward that’s popular with kids and bored professionals alike.3. Come up with an escape plan.If your case of â€Å"I-hate-this-job-itis† is a serious one, then even the act of figuring out your next steps can have a rejuvenating effect. Even the most tedious or soul-crushing work activities aren’t so bad if you know you won’t be doing them forever.4. Shoot for â€Å"good enough.†Sometimes a C+ is good enough, especially if you’re in danger of flunking. It’s not great to make a habit of doing the bare minimum, but if you feel yourself checking out, create a list of the parts of your job that are absolutely â€Å"must do† so that you’re maintaining until things get better.5. Do some networking in your field.Meeting and talking to new people in your field can introduce new opportunities. It can also help you remember what you liked about this field in the first place, and why you chose this job. Either way, it brings something (or someone) fresh into the staleness of your routine.Even if you’re halfway out the door and already looking for other opportunities, it’s important not to let your reputation lapse into slackerdom. If you feel yourself starting to check out, there are ways to slow it down before the blahs affect your job performance or work relationships.

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Is rationalisation a desirable strategy for managing and organising Essay

Is rationalisation a desirable strategy for managing and organising Junction Hotel in the current economic climate Discuss your - Essay Example output in the production activities (Buckley &Casson, 1976). The method has however never been devoid of a critic who sees it as a new way of exploiting workers and dehumanizing them. Despite the critics Taylors way has impacted a lot on the management with various organizations adopting it either in one way or the other. Taylor postulates that the rational design selected by business depends mostly on the size of business running, therefore, small business organization borrows from simple designs because they comprise of les staff and example of such business are small kiosk that are being run solely by one person which is the authority and manager controlling other junior staff (Buckley &Casson, 1976). This simple design shows a pyramid kind of hierarchical control with manager exercising larger control of business. This kind of control put all the responsibility on the manager as being responsible for all matters relating to organization and its workers, it therefore means that th e employee’s only carries out activities assigned to them by the manager. Upon Taylor taking the position of management in a company the management strategy changed significantly breaking away from the past and adopting the new scientific way of management. He was determined to ending the soldiering problem in the company and bringing in change of mind between the workers and their managers based on four principles; Scientifically coming up with a way of performing specific task, picking workers best suited for a specific task, working according to the principal of science and specifying the roles of managers and workers. The scientific management increased the productivity of both workers and managers and in extension increasing their living standard and success due to... Globalization has taken market competition to a whole new level as the dominant companies and organizations in the domestic countries faces competition from new entrants in to their field of specialization. Today there is more efficiency in transport and distributions network this trend has brought ease to the business world because products can easily be distributed to the consumers. Electronic transfers have also made making and receiving international payments faster and more secure. Increase in transport and distribution networks also make it possible for consumers to receive products in good time and in varieties. There has also been increased globalization in the financial institutions making it possible for organizations and individuals to readily access finances. Investors invest in different markets therefore reducing the risks that could be exposed to in concentrating only in one market. Globalization has also escalated the inequality in the world as the rich will continue to become richer and the poor becoming poorer.The rich will be accumulating the wealth and investing in overseas account at the expense of the poor in their home countries. Also Developing countries are not in the limelight of globalization therefore sidelining them further in the development. Conclusion Globalization is on his part brought with it improvement in the markets all around the globe for domestic products hence availing variety of produce in plenty to people with high disposable income. There are however international bodies like the world trade organizations and United Nations which countries have to play by their rules to ensure that there is fair play in the world of trade. Globalization therefore is taking the world a new direction.